Post in the trash – “Health”

Let’s talk about health. What we do know about him? As it turns out, nothing. The average person older than 18-19 years old can not even imagine that such a lightness of health. But it feels completely healthy. Anyone who has never tasted Chateau Leovil Das Cas of 2004, also believes shmurdyachok from neighboring stall this vinom. Chtoby make something new, create, move forward, going beyond your comfort zone, you need energy. Free energy. To make it easier to understand, approach this with other storony. Vse we know that in the human body contains a quantity of energy, enough to cover one month in a city the size of New York. Suppose 90% of this energy goes into maintaining the integrity of life and the internal processes of a complex system. But even the remaining 10% – an impressive figure. Here is the energy normally used for the active person with *** deyatelnosti. Kto again dil batteries? Just the thing – very few people have seen this energy. Often happens is that waking up, giving himself up, again you feel tired, I lie down to rest? How often do you think your body is heavy, heavy? You can not normally sleep? This all suggests that it is the energy that we do not have enough. So, she went on to something else. Or, is extremely efficient ispolzuetsya.Ya not going to discover the secrets of how to improve your health – it is a very complex process and many will have to sacrifice. I simply describe the benefits of a healthy body, and you already think yourself and look informatsiyu.Preimuschestva: Rather urgent question of our time – depression and low mood. Healthy people do not know what it takoe. Zdorovy person always feels ease and flexibility of the body, can not be located on one long meste.A you need it? I can not say exactly how long this post lain in the drafts, which means a very long time. Still can not get around to finish. Hmm.. And that’s not so lazy to grovel? But that was – that was, and now – laziness. Who’s supposed to – he has already found, and who do not have to – my own fault. Subject just mega-large and not everyone will be enough brains and patience, though, would be to understand, not what to do. In real life these people I had never seen (not with the brain, and those who can focus on your health).