How to lose weight easily and without harm to health (health and beauty)

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On the weigh-in. Each kilogram of fat 7000 calories. And after it, shocked by the body, as one of the best self-regulating systems, will be reserved in order to continue to not be in the same situation. Reduced through diet and 300 through physical activity. But if you still can not wait to lose weight quickly, despite my entreaties and arguments nutritionists, you can own it for themselves to determine on the basis of the above. Believe in what you all must get done and it will be easy! So, to lose weight in pounds per week, your calorie deficit should be 1000, and a half – since 1500, and the rate of weight loss dalee. The first thing you will need to do – is to decide on how much you want to weigh. If you decide to switch to more healthful foods – lean, roasted – it’s just easier for your body problem. The main thing – to count calories. If you plan to eat something nutritious, it’s better if you do it before dinner. It is better to draw the graph yourself lose weight and bring back weekly results. Most women say that figure, even if they pick up during the night. It summarizes the most valuable advice that will help you lose weight easily and “quality”, in fact, most women will confirm, as we are tired of the endless circulation of the sites in search of needed information. And do not make yourself strict prohibitions. And to take away from your standard daily diet. Nutritionists recommend that 200 calories. And then all you need to succeed! And some classic recommendations. So you will see positive results. This brings me to the question, but from what, in fact, minusovat? Ideal weight = 345 grams, multiplied by each centimeter of height (for women and for men – 445). He also calculated either by using the above-mentioned sites with calculators, or using the formula: energy costs metabolism (20 calories per kilogram of body weight) plus 10% for digestion + 20%, 30%, 40% of the work light, medium, and high severity, respectively. Esli failure still occurs, do not scold yourself. To this day arrange a “revision” in the fridge, so there was as little as possible “temptation. If you can not, but would like very much so – you can just a little! Naprimer, we expect the ideal weight of 20-year-old girl growing 167 cm: 0. Therefore, do not worry yourself with small disappointments! Otherwise (I will not talk about the harm to health – is all aware of this, and yet few people stop it), your weight dropped back to you at double the rate immediately after the diet. This formula is used still by our grandmothers, and all we heard about it yet in biology class. Hard physical activity is exercise, gardening, horticulture, for men it work longshoremen, construction workers, miners, etc. Perfect, happier, and therefore should be an enjoyable process. Drink plenty of fluids. You can calculate how much you overeaten, and burn those calories jumping rope, or to arrange a fasting day. For people over 40-naoborot. 130 kcal. This figure and should be reduced. For body weight loss intense – always a shock. So, consider this formula a concrete example: a woman of 65 kg. To burn 300 calories. Then you can do this automatically, trust me!

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