Want to save their health – expand your circle of friends *

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Acquainted with the person, write his phone number, email address – sooner or later a situation may arise when you need it. If he has any problems, it is unlikely that he was someone to share or ask someone for help. * The wider the circle of your communication and the greater the number of your friends, the longer you live – the conclusion made by researchers from the University of Utah and New Carolina. – Friends bring joy, assist and facilitate the way of life. Communicating with interesting and enjoyable for us human beings, we become mentally and emotionally rich. A clear negative emotions shorten our lives. Nakonets, if you have many friends and acquaintances, you can count on that at least some of them will help in difficult times, say, get a job, borrowed money for treatment or go to the drugstore and some food, if you are not in a position to sdelat. For example, if you become ill, and you can not independently call the doctor, someone from friends, neighbors, colleagues certainly in time to score the alarm. But how to explain this fact? Sredi your colleagues should be at least one to whom you can contact in case of unforeseen problems or obstoyatelstv. Esli hard to find friends, find yourself some hobbies – and you probably will like-minded people with whom you able to maintain otnosheniya. Itak want to keep yourself health and live longer? It will not be, for example, work to find the coordinates of a good doctor or clinic to get advice from traditional medicine or nutrition… Is enough to open your phone book and ring up znakomyh. Druzhite with your neighbors! In fact, our health and therefore life expectancy is influenced by many social, psychological, and emotional factors related to obscheniem. Even if we do not have a family, we can feel happy, having a close and trusted friends. D. Odinochki entertain themselves. VnimanieChem a person familiar, the less likely that his problems will go unnoticed. Podderzhivayte old acquaintances! For example, the ill, he will not report it to your friends and, of course, would be deprived of any support. Then use the following guidelines!

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