« Health, which emphasizes the beauty of! “We all” – is hard to neglect the signals that the body gets our attention. BADy are prophylactic to strengthen, sustain and maintain health. Beauty and youth – this is achievable? Who do you want, and so live. This is a way of life, optimism and positive thinking. What does the doctor? Traditsionno Chinese treatment is this: the tendency to identify violations in the body – and this tendency strongly to destroy. YES! Wellness – English literally,” good health “. And then heroically to treat already formed a ball so we problem. Here and tell them about BADy. And now for success in life is largely affected by our image of healthy and beautiful cheloveka. Cured of disease is much more expensive than their preduprezhdat. Zachastuyu run themselves, without paying attention to the first signs of illness, they simply did not reserve for itself the chances of a positive ozdorovlenie. But Wellness – this is not simply the opposite of illness. However, not everyone knows where to hide the coveted golden key to the secrets of health and longevity. What is the difference, what’s the level of cholesterol, what pressure, what they do not have enough vitamins? Whoopi Goldberg rightly notes that “the great happiness – it ezheutrennyaya defecation. “Get well” in Chinese does not mean “to swallow handfuls of pills pharmacies. Kachestvennoe food – is it possible? With this recipe a person goes to a pharmacy. ” The fact that the curse of the programs is the last chance to save our zdorovya. There was a so-called ‘healthy lifestyle industry »- Wellness Industry. Kak showed the world experience, the most rational and economical solution to the problem is the use of biologically active additives (BAA) to pische. In the early 80s HHv. Find answers to your questions in the NSP! In fact, all the demands of the modern society can be met! BADy in particular, and a healthy lifestyle in general – is the real prevention, which CAN. Kto of us would not want to live longer? Wellness means to feel good, look good, long life, be full of energy. Hochesh live long, healthy, regularly and happily – Supplements Eat and live… And with whom? Timely initiation of prevention – it is a vital factor in the formation zdorovya. Who would not want to still be healthy?

What effect does the constant use of alcohol on human health

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“How serious are the problems in Russia with alcohol? As acetone, turpentine, etc. S.

Whom the poison. “What are the pros and cons of the proposed innovation? What are the consequences can lead to their implementation? · Alcohol is not is the staple food., Proch. 2 / 3 of the earth do without alcohol. We also consumed far beyond the 18 officially dubbed litrov. After all, the same is forbidden – yet? Sravnite: China – 50 grams (! ) use of “quality” of alcohol, just to say, and expose the already disgusting! And these “tough measures” are very effective. No main, indeed, is the impact on man and society. This situation requires extraordinary measures. Necessary to develop the concept of alcohol in Russia. This decline in fertility and an increase of infertile men and women, the increase in crime, an increase of disabled children being born (born in Russia, only 2% /! On this basis the need to develop alcohol concepts in a systematic and sustained basis. Instead, now seems to be mandatory, but sly and deceitful, “Economic Development and Trade has warned that excessive use can……. “Putinka! ” Alcohol affects virtually all aspects of life, family, society the most negative way. · To fight with alcoholism can last forever. “The proposed measures of the Red Army when they implement strictly and consistently, will give only a positive result. “How does alcohol affect the health of the nation, economy, etc. ” RESULT: · the effect of any dose of alcohol on the health of individuals, families, society definitely negative. Vse inefficiency and even damage or prohibitive measures are complete ignoramuses, or (more often) evil and corrupt toadies alcohol mafia. · A robust, ignorant and deceitful myths about “pure vessels” in alcoholics and “protection of the liver” (! ) Per year for the Red Army cheloveka. ” This masterpiece of “concern” about human health and society can only be likened to a hypothetical inscription in front of the plane hatch open, “without a parachute jump can damage your health.

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