How foods affect health?

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Processes that increase the acidity of foods: thermal treatment (frying, boiling, etc. Day man should proceed and end with a balanced pH, a slightly more alkaline than acidic. ), adding sugar, preservatives and additives of acid (vinegar, sauce, and mayonnaise); long hranenie. I helps maintain optimum health and well-balanced water coral nutrition, regular use of vitamins, minerals and friendly microflora. ComPitanie modern man is made up of products, saturated fats, simple sugars, sodium chloride and poor in fiber, magnesium and potassium. Namely, how food affects our precious health. And we have now on the table if there are herbs and vegetables, they are basically “dead” – have been heat treated. The more extreme deviations are the pH, the stronger may be health problems. K excellent health are schelocheobrazuyuschie products. Today will continue to meet with the theme of “FOOD”. Under these conditions food was of an alkaline nature. Let’s think about health! (Part 3) “According to experts, acid” waste “a permanent impact on the joints, tissues, muscles, organs and glands, causing a breakdown of their functions, from small to znachitelnyh. We both looked at the program of an integrated approach. That is, the food should prevail more products that make up this fine scheloch. Their effects on the body has a strong and lasting effect. According to anthropologists, the diet of early man was on the third of the lean meat of wild animals and 2 / 3 of plant foods. What we are more “sour”, the worse the immune system works. Improper diet – one of the reasons for human disease. The category of neutral products are: Brown (neproseyanny) rice, oats, rye, and products from wheat flour, unrefined vegetable oils (obtained by pressing or cold pressing).

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