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It took me seven years after two operations and chemotherapy to achieve this result. Began to take “The Roots of purity”, joint complex “living cell VI». A cold in the draft, there was a nagging pain in the groin. We are very pleased with your products. I asked the consultant to “Siberian health”, which appointed a course of treatment for 3 months. And 1d. Were born during my work in the Corporation “Siberian health. Then he discovered that the heart is sick and a new diagnosis – angina. After cleansing, “Origins of purity”, started taking L-carnitine, Vitahrom, EPAM-Revival 4, drank herbal teas and all my goals began to be realized! Since 2005, I always use the products of the Corporation “Siberian health. Results of improvement: In 2006 GV 35 years I have had a little girl, pregnancy was normal (almost easy), had a normal birth. And also thank you for your competent and affordable design new directories, “Siberian health. A year ago, my father (born in 1922), a hale and hearty, feeling weak, there was a decadent mood, began to disturb joints, walked with difficulty. ” My wife Lyudmila, doctors diagnosed hypertension II-III degree. ” My mother passed chronic swelling, helped “Limfosan Y”. Thank you very much for a new sense of life. Used very often suffered from sinusitis, and as winter began, I did puncture. ” Herself a former 2 groups of disabled, removed three years ago. Thanks to everyone who created these wonderful products. ” After the first year Lyudmila normal pressure, no longer a headache, took heart pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations. Grandchildren: granddaughter of 6 years, the grandchildren of 2r. Fat deposits around the waist decreases rapidly, and new ones have not typed as fast as before with no change in diet. Thanks to salve the “root” I have never suffered from the winter, because at the slightest sign of a cold processed sinuses and gargle “root”. Production is already taking 4 months, the results are really – in the face! I’m very grateful for the Siberian Health Corporation’s products. I was allergic to propolis after receiving “Limfosan A” and “PIC”. A week later – the effect of the body can be compared to Viagra. Gorgeous cosmetics, which use not only me but my daughter and granddaughter. Thank you for what you give to people’s health. Results of recovery: We admire the products of the Corporation ‘Siberian health! ” Over the years, I feel very good. Became even sleep for a brief sleep. “I use the product” Siberian Health “in September 2006, the standard program, and was a health program and for their grandchildren. And only thanks to our Badam I now live, enjoy life, I am happy grandchildren, and children. Context: Chronic lack of sleep, fatigue, drowsiness, fatigue. 3m. Irritability, nervousness, fatigue, tiredness, poor sleep, decreased mental and physical performance. I bought Limfosan-M and Pantoral. At the moment I’m not just “forgot” the word puncture, I did get cold longer. During pregnancy, I took PIC constantly, was anemia, nausea disappeared. ” And my sister just crazy about your cosmetic line! ” Three days later, the tumor was asleep – the teeth were saved. Anastasia P. Lyudmila took “PIC”, “a living cell – III», EPAM-44, “Rhythms of health”, “Kardiovit. Situatsiya: Hormonal imbalance at the age of 26 years, diagnosis of infertility third degree final, unconditional failure (by the verdict of the doctors) having a second child, overweight (95-98 kg with height 171 cm, clothing size 54 -56). Thank you very much. Evdokimov, Birobidzhan Three years later I met with the products and cutting Limfosan Cardiology and EPAM 44. For that and thank the creators of this make-up and wait for the next developments. Very grateful to the Corporation ‘Siberian health! I am happy to buy the drugs you have to maintain a healthy all my family. Checked! Situation: Allergy to propolis, skin problems, chronic edema. Son Rodion from birth we gave EPAM-1000. Decided to try the \ “Siberian Health \” on him (I only learned about it). My father is very seriously ill, and taking NOVOMIN, Amaranth Oil, VITASELEN we are fighting a very bad disease (oncology). I take this product since 2000. A low bow to you for the miracle products. Then connected the EPAM. Results of recovery: I was very cheerful, energetic, hard work has increased almost 10 times.

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