The influence of thermal insulation materials on human health

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They usually have excellent insulating properties and are suitable for use in construction. Carcinogenic properties have mainly fiber thickness of less than 3 microns and a length greater than 5 microns. Their allowable concentration in the air at the workplace is 0. Mineralnaya wool, as mentioned above, contains phenol-formaldehyde resins, which leads to prolonged release into the environment of free formaldehyde. Studies show that the carcinogenic mineral fibers are almost independent of their chemical composition. There were several thousands of different kinds of products, including well construction components and materials for the manufacture of which used asbestos. V present production and use of asbestos declined significantly, mainly due to the reduction of its use in construction. Harmful properties of asbestos are manifested only when asbestos fibers are included in the products and materials into the air and then penetrate the human respiratory system. Therefore, foam should not be used in large quantities in buildings. Unfortunately, its main drawback is the prolonged excretion of free formaldegida. In terms of health safety of mineral wool has two major drawbacks. This also applies to the use of asbestos-cement pipes for drinking water networks. On the market there is a large selection of such materials. It should be noted that the experts of the World Health Organization, engaged in harmful effects of asbestos products, are wary of asbestos on exclusion from various areas of application. Its main component is styrene. 02 mg/m2 surface of the plate for 1 hour. A list of various insulating materials is very extensive. In construction, it can almost completely replace the asbestos volokno. Polystyrene plates are widely used for insulation of buildings. The main fields of application – this is the thermal insulation of walls and ceilings. Multilayer exterior walls or walls of cold storage also often contain polyurethane foam. If these three major blemish housing could somehow estimate the value of residential buildings would have to decrease by about 30%.? He even used to manufacture toys, pipes, and a dust mask. Insulation materials of vegetable origin in contrast to the above materials and products, plant materials – mainly wood-fiber boards, as well as non-woven fabric or cloth from plant fibers such as Utah, hemp – a little resistant to the biological factors in connection with which they are used after preliminary impregnation of fungicidal drugs. On this basis krilamidny foam can be used in the construction of buildings from the outside, but can not be used indoors and for people to fill the available space within the walls of buildings. 0. Therefore we can assume that the probability of cancer due to use in the construction of mineral wool is extremely low. Very polystyrene is widely used because it is fairly durable, non-toxic and is easy deshev. As an example, fiberboard, impregnated ksilamitom. Similar properties are fiberglass. In case of fire may form highly toxic gases. Crucial to the size and shape of fibers. Mineral wool, glass wool Mineral wool, that is generated by industrial mineral fiber, with properties very similar to asbestos fibers. In spite of the tolerance for use in construction, polyurethane has negative qualities in terms of health safety. People show great ingenuity in this field. ПенополиуретанЖесткий foam also is widely used in construction. This applies to both asbestos fibers and mineral fibers produced by the industrial method. Isolation of free styrene from polystyrene mass is very small. Given the practical aspect of mineral wool in the building, it is best to use it in the form of plates and laminates, as it facilitates the construction raboty. Dolgoe time construction services and facilities that address the fate of housing in this country, one-sidedly focused their attention on the quantitative side problem, neglecting the quality, and only appeared as a result of environmental problems has shown that we can not continue like this housing. As a result, often there have been cases of strong, threatening the health of air pollution by formaldehyde in buildings.

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