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5. Do not let the situation with the “cold” take its course, the more you should not prescribe any drugs. BUT: If you want to increase the workload and level of fitness, you must run. Accordingly, it is better than the sun without sunscreen 15 minutes. 3. Yoga or gym? But there is a risk for both the cold, and for others, because the flu and acute respiratory disease spread by airborne droplets, ie coughing and sneezing. What choose fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables? Let it be most appropriate for you to plan lessons and develop a diet. Pyatnadtsat minutes in the sun without protection, or 2 hours of sun protective agent with SPF 30? You become more flexible and will always be on our toes. You can easily reach the daily requirement of 10 000 steps. Maybe it will sound unexpectedly, but sometimes it is better to opt for frozen vegetables and fruits. This is probably the most important question for any man. Seasonal fruits and vegetables to eat as much anymore. Good all types of physical activity, but yoga is preferable, since strengthens muscles throughout the body. In addition, a daily glass of red wine helps reduce blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels and even prevents colds. Load increased gradually guided by heart rate. Everything is a choice each of us, I suggest that only a few ways to improve your body, they also were up to you. Until now, many are wrong, considering complexes of yoga is not complicated. For example, bananas, yogurt, low-fat, dry fruits. If you do snack between meals, choose foods that supply the body with energy, but does not raise blood sugar levels. Drink soy milk or cow? So if you do decide to give preference to the vodka, do not mix it with tonic water: carbon dioxide accelerates the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. 1. 6. Excessive sun exposure causes sunburn, aging and even skin cancer. Let me explain why: In the frozen delicacies preserved most of the vitamins, because they were frozen immediately after collection. Runny nose, cough, sore throat and other symptoms of “common cold” is generally not considered to be an occasion to postaratsyaizolirovat themselves from society. BUT! But better do not do yoga on their own.

Oh, and the more acute respiratory flu brought forward on the legs, often lead to complications. Red wine or vodka? And update it after swimming. BUT! Only complete meals provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. For example, oatmeal with fresh fruit. Yoga or gym? Ostatsya home to a cold or the lifestyle? If you do decide to go to a gym, use the advice of the instructor (as well as self-medication and it could bring great harm to the body). And if so was that you on the beach without wearing SPF is a long cotton clothing, a hat and sun-glasses. My answer is simple: 2 hours with sun protection cream. The evening meal should be sufficiently nourishing, contain carbohydrates and proteins.

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