Health and nutrition – how to make the diet effective tool

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Eto now scientifically proven fakt. 6. Tak, coming back to the topic of “need to think about health. There is a slow, biting small pieces and chewing hard. ” Of course, that’s right, it’s better today to make an effort to eat right, than to spend a fortune tomorrow for treatment. Power to contain a sufficient number of antioxidant substances (read above) and included as little as possible, fat, sodium, fat meats, red meat, especially fried or grilled too-low in fruit and vegetables, which increases the possibility of cancer. So now the appropriate services can afford to write: “In our pockets too little money, but we know that the” need to think about health. “With regard to health, according to the latest data released yesterday, the girls were born this year are all reason to live to 103 years, and boys to 97. 2. Avoid alkogol10. Do not eat, and vkushat. No more than one spoon at blyudo. 3 times a day to eat fruit and ovoschi8.

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