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” She really wants to eat, especially with such delicious dishes are here zapahi. ” Simply be treated safely and food sderzhanno. Just why they were strong, agile, hardy and long way to go without water and can cause pischi. Komu not know this picture, you come to work, and your colleague, usually affable and good-natured, he suddenly became irritable and nervous. People were eating bread for thousands of years and felt that the “Bread of the head of everything,” and now it turns out that bread is bad. Nu what may be your colleague nastroenie. It is formed by many pokoleniyami. A body of people of the Mongoloid race, whole milk does not accept. A that they get pleasure from food, because they trapeznichat and not (as some say) “ate. At the same time the body can not cheat, he would still take its toll. On the proposal together for lunch, did not answer very friendly refusal. Vozmozhno at the time of the diet will achieve any results, purely visual. Your body’s own individual characteristics, this metabolism, digestion characteristics, temperament, metabolism, and that is useful to one person may be harmful drugomu. Nazovite at least one popular diet that takes into account all the above. And today is all you should eat separately. But it has secured a regular severe stress, which in our life and well above the roof. We must remember that you are individual, unique and unrepeatable. Kak do we consider in the future. And after using the diet, after a while, everything will return to these actions svoya.

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