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One gets the impression that MPs are the principle “the worse – the better. And 8-year old neighbor in the ward – six prints back to life, because my mother was not there. But after the three it often is not easy). Choline Muscovite Julia says: “My daughter burn on the back of the jar, which she put a nurse in a children’s hospital. The problem, however, not only in trauma occurring during separation from parents, but in the elementary children’s safety and care for them. “That’s right – a matter of constant battles with parents children’s hospitals that refuse to co-host the children’s parents is older than six then three years, or even years. Medical staff appointment and confuses drugs. Hospitals in this is not legally obliged to feed their parents and give them beds. After this incident, I controlled the manipulation not only to my child, but the other four children who were without mothers. Vozmozhno, so the new version (v. The hospital stay may be hazardous to life and health of children because of the actions or inaction of medical staff. ” (The following three years can not be: a huge amount of research has shown that separation from parents to three years for damaging the child’s mind. 2010V new draft law “On the basis of health…” is somewhat controversial initiatives that affect kazhdogoNa site of the Health Ministry posted for public comment a new draft law – “On the basis of health protection in the Russian Federation. 09. The broad masses parents who are aware of their rights, are increasingly requiring admission to hospital for children. The procedures are often unnecessarily traumatic. And now the society is still time to speak and to convey to legislators their views on the proposed novovvedeniyah.

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