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How parents take care of the baby’s health and prevent disease in the winter? Esli should give the child to maintain the intestinal microflora of yogurt or baby biokefir. If a child gets sick quite easily in the winter is better to avoid public places, and enough of a kindergarten. Games at the site during the winter – well, if in moderation. Dostatochnoe of drinking – it is important for an organism with signs of the disease. Everyone knows that winter respiratory infections are sick more often. This applies particularly to young children whose immune system is not sufficiently strong. Ne forget about right, a gradual hardening of the child. Do not give your child medicine antitussives without consulting vrachom. Est special humidifiers. In her clothing a child should not sweat. Infection is easily transmitted through airborne droplets, it is well-known viral respiratory infections, flu, sore throat, pneumonia and others. Esli sick one of the parents are not located too close to the child, wearing a mask, wash your hands with soap yourself and the baby. Variations in temperature of the body opens the way for the game infektsiy. Aktivnye useful for immunity.

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