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Advertising features beautiful results after taking the medication, extols the hideous quality of the products about tobacco and alcohol advertising general recall sickening. Firms) to control the security was (and, obviously, remain) head and shoulders above pasterovtsev, while pasterovtsev all was not finalized – but who cared if it was possible to save millions of francs, and even to make “his”? A these ideals and values? to form for yourself? Example of savings on health, or how not to do if… If you value your life and zdorovem. The conclusion? They must be ingested every day, and they are difficult to find in the sausages, cottage cheese, and even in moloke. Pervaya benefit – you will not spend money on drugs that are all over the world (especially – we have) more expensive. The state purchased the French system for processing of donated krovi. 31 32. Bread, milk, sugar, salt, matches, soap, – post-war list of “most important” items has not changed very much, but it clearly requires dopolneniy. You can redistribute those funds to useful – for one super foods really super company that really radeet about the quality and the health of their consumers? GM soybeans – the cheapest – Guess what soybeans are put in our food? Uzhe infected “blood” infusion of thousands of people, of which a considerable part of a thing of the l another world. If you’re lucky – the milk in the house will be, if not – the child will be left without breast kashi.? Louis Brower informs us of the thousands infected with AIDS and cytomegalovirus (as well as hepatitis B – but this is in comparison with AIDS is a detail…). ) of blood – and, perhaps, could still enter the needy people. Under two conditions: if it is not genetically modified. The result of more than deplorable: the state has paid compensation billion francs – by the victim, or their relatives still alive. Interestingly, the taste differences were not significant, and to understand the difference “by eye” is almost impossible. ) That there are, for example, the illusion of “buy domestic, buy cheap”? Brushing your teeth in the morning – zastilanie bed – drink Chlorophyll – TNT then – then all the other no less important and urgent matters. The value of human relationships, health, family affection do not pass – tested in difficult conditions, they are even more valuable and znachimymi. That, you know, to give “similarity” in the analysis of samples… What will your immune system, which tells your nervous system, having received such greetings – soy + vegetable fat (or – even better! Infection with AIDS, hepatitis, cytomegalovirus – this is the real risks of untested blood transfusion (or poorly screened) of blood. But the media form the world your children – try to compete! Oshibochka out, ce la Vie, sorry… Please – no one said not yet. And if you add up the results of the impact of advertising of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, lifestyle (”the smartest run for beer”)? Save preferably on drugs – because the preservation of health is a few vygod. Curd, as whole milk, can also be improved to a disgrace. ” Toschenkoe body dolls advertised, in principle, does not cause obvious damage to the child’s mind. Crises come and go but life goes on. Sekonoimli millions – billions paid. Still not very agree? Put their values? Not all situations can be avoided in life – so let those who really need to be all they need! Soy protein is, of course, too good.

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