Chronobiology – biorhythms and health

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The founder of the modern school of study of biological rhythms is Professor Franz Halberg. ” Ivan Mikhailovich Smirnov, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, Sechenov Vernadsky In humans, depending on time of day, cyclically changing physiological state, their intellectual capabilities, and even mood. ). Hippocrates Avicena roots of knowledge about biorhythms go back to remote antiquity. In contrast, during the night the nutrients accumulate, there is a tissue repair and cell division. In the study of biological rhythms and the significant contribution made by Russian scientists IM Sechenov, V.

Harmonisation of life of the organism by restoring the natural biological rhythms in the human body is another basic component of health, the bedrock of our active longevity. All living things on Earth – from plants to higher mammals – are subject to biological rhythms, which are dependent on rhythmic changes in the environment (daylight, oscillations of the electromagnetic field of the Earth, etc. Thus, civilization inevitably destroys our natural biological rhythms.

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