This is a sweet word health!

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A it is directly related to lifestyle, which consists of food, exercise and recreation. Uspeshnye people are sick of course, but very, very rare and the causes of these diseases are not so much a lesson for themselves sick, but for the health of our okruzhayuschih. By the way, the rest is not just a dream, but a change of deyatelnosti. True to the success of a sick man never pridet.,, Proceedings of Steppenwolf. Odnoobraznaya, monotonous work, as well as food, inhibits our body and can cause even disease. K what it all? Course of the disease arise not only because of work, food. Each person has their own. The fact is that there is no health in man and success. And to my words (above mentioned) does not pridiraytes. Just our diseases are the result of our thoughts and actions and that they only make us think of life, help you with every mission in the physical mire. Poetomu absolutely healthy people do not exist. However, any illness can serve as a kind of rest, stop. Pravda I have an expression: if we were completely healthy, then would have died. Konechno here and I’ll try to write about health, but may be slightly different perspective.,, Thinking out loud, Food for Thought, – is perhaps the most podhodyaschie. But this is the case with successful people so rarely that most people do not notice it. So do not be afraid of diseases, but also try their izbegat. They may also appear in the bad thoughts that arise in our golove. It is, as a reward to be zasluzhit. When he feels unwell, then a normal, successful life can not speak.

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