10 tips, how to maintain your health

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Less HIMIIOkruzhayuschaya our environment is so harmful to the health of staff. This allows the body to be prepared in advance to the loads and adverse conditions, as well as the harmonious distribution of energy consumption during the day. Any athletic movement accelerates blood circulation and lymph disperse. Eat more fish (rich in omega-3 acids), fruits and vegetables (it’s natural antioxidants and fiber), cereals (natural drainage, a wide range of vitamins). Active fresh air just needed! 4. 10. NO HARMFUL PRIVYChEKVrednye habits are so named because the harm of varying severity in the first place by the body. We must remember that the profits and reputation can be restored is always, in contrast to health! Best vacation-class that is fun. SKILLS OTDYHATOtdyh is in any case not failure! REZhIMHotya would more or less permanent regime is necessary. 6. The ability to pull yourself together, calm in a crisis situation to help prevent more than one zabolevanie. 8. Cleaners, detergents, cosmetics, you should choose the lowest concentration of odor and color. How to properly USE VREMYaNa really is not so easy! 9. Keep a rich social life. 1. It is therefore important to surround yourself with people who are on you favorably, but with “energy vampires”, irritable, fussy and aggressive counterparts to try to reduce communication to a minimum. How to correctly prioritize routine matters? And in any case, do not overeat! Not necessarily to accumulate laundry and dirty dishes for laying in the car, something can be done manually. Therefore it is better to stay away from chemicals. MENTAL GARMONIYAV years of crisis, constant stress and depression is very difficult to remain calm. Normal walking on the street can be replaced at an accelerated pace, even a slight run. Enough to do a little workout, but on a daily basis. Health Benefits potryasayuschaya.

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