Optimum Health – heard of it?

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From that moment began to increase the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease, cancer. Izvestny international expert on nutrition, medical director of the Institute of Optimal Health Nutrilite ( California, USA), Dr. Vtoroy – adequate use makronutrientov. Eto, says Dr. According to him, the problem of chronic diseases emerged in the United States in 1910 as a consequence of the beginning of the industrial era. In Japan, before World War II, the main cause of death was infectious disease such as tuberculosis, and once with the mass production of food with chemicals and many other leading cause of death is cancer. Duke Johnson – 8 pillars, eight pillars of optimal health, which is based roof optimal health: The first principle – the principle of reduction factors riska. You can start slowly moving in the right direction – one step today, the next step tomorrow. In Russia, as elsewhere in the world, progressive chronic disease.

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