Newborn health

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Does the same and neonatologist. It produces a newborn examination from head to feet. Odna of significant estimates neonatologist provides innate reflexes of newborns. If in addition to the large fontanelle there’s another small, it is evidence of small immature newborn. Also during the first inspection is estimated glance newborn. If the district parumbilical wound redness and rashes, and pus, the visit to the pediatrician should not delay in zavtra. Further examined the genitals of the child. In infants there may be some variation in the development of sexual organs, but normally it or evidence of some immaturity of the organism, can only evaluate vrach. For example, if the skin contains empyesis, without your attention here will not do, because it affects the skin in dalneyshem. ) Parents must be very attentive to the newborn child and in any case not to self-medicate. Keep your baby’s health, because it is the pledge of his health in adult life. The form of the same ears and their location will show whether the child donoshen or born prematurely. Also, in the form of snakes can be diagnosed in the newborn kidney disease or genetic abnormalities. Health novorozhdennogo. S the first minutes after birth mom looks at him with interest.

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