Water and health

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It neutralizes the destructive programs, and negative attitudes, improves health, stimulates creativity, help to overcome the obstacles to the goal On the facts of the healing water is mentioned in all the scriptures. Such sustained expression as “water in a mortar to pound,” “pitchfork on water written,” “how the water looked” came to us in a distorted way. Obviously, such a surge of attention to the energy properties of water initiated an era of Aquarius. No accident that all that is connected to the information people give intuitive features and properties of water, “absorb” (information), pour, scoop, catch the wind in a net, a thirst for information, an avalanche of information. Information or holistic medicine has a huge arsenal of healing methods to help people discover their own potential for health. The fact that such a volatile substance, which is the water has memory and is able to transmit information, is a recognized fact. It can also seep or leak. She is able to heal physical and mental illness, to manage the viability of the organism, affecting cellular metabolism, harmonize our energy with the outside world. “Dead” water served as the blocking of the disease – its antiprogrammoy, and “living” – to run health programs. We must acknowledge that the information medicine – it is not opening of modern science and ancient, forgotten part of treatment methodology. In any religious tradition, water has always been the mediator between spirit and matter. Precisely because of its fluidity, water – the ideal storage medium. In the case of herbal medicine, vibrational pattern of the plants transferred to the water in the preparation of extracts, tinctures, decoctions. On the therapeutic properties of water, our ancestors have long been familiar.

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