What determines health?

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To some extent this is the human development in the broadest ponimanii. Na my opinion, it is interesting that the concept of a healthy lifestyle is to some extent, individual, and depends on many parameters. Zdorovy system composed of interconnected and vzaimovliyayuschih each other elements: health and nutrition, physical activity, the harmonization of emotional, spiritual development and tseleustremlenie. Формирование healthy lifestyle is a lengthy process and can last a lifetime. The positive effect of the transition to sustainable lifestyles delayed for months, sometimes for years. And here arises the question of lack of knowledge among the population valeological. I proceed from the principle of equivalence and their взаимозависимости. Nothing can replace them, “these words spoken by Nikolai Mikhailovich Amosov clearly and constructively reflect the modern concept of life as zdorovya. Even a cursory analysis of these data clearly indicates that our health depends largely on our efforts to preserve it and improve it. Ultimately, the availability of this knowledge will allow each person to follow a healthy lifestyle to increase their health and active dolgoletie.

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