What and how to affect the health of adolescents?

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Ochen important to know that the impact on adolescent health in this difficult for him period. And finally I would like to point out that teens are trying to be independent and do not suffer when too interested in their personal lives. How do feel at this moment a teenager? It is important to warn teenagers of early sexual activity, as well as talk about contraception. And you in turn will send a young person in the right direction, give advice, tell a story of life, or just talk heart to heart. As a child, he had a favorite toy, life was fun and relaxing, you can just run around with friends on the street, play and nothing to think. It is also necessary to trace a teenager is keen on music, if there are any obscene or offensive words. With a lack or overabundance of a substance in the body teenager may have various health problems. Esche one very significant point is that sex education of adolescents. It is therefore important to include in the diet teenager all the necessary vitamins and substances for its full impact on razvitiya. It is therefore important to give parents their children, adolescents more attention, to communicate with them, to focus on their passions, dreams and desires. It is therefore necessary cheer teenager to respect his desire to become for him drugom. Hotelos would give further consideration to how and what affects the health of adolescents, as psychological and physical. Esche factor affecting the health of a teenager is watching movies, broadcasts, video games, hobby, music. V primarily affects adolescent health to nutrition. In adolescence, children are often a bad mood, they are thin-skinned. In most cases, bad habits get those teenagers who engaged in no leisure time. Relationships with the opposite sex, and intimate relationships have a huge impact on adolescent health. Communicating with a teenager in a calm atmosphere, without raising his voice, he will feel confidence in you and will not be afraid to share with you the most cherished. Ogromneyshee physical health of each young person have a bad habit, the most common of which are smoking, alcohol abuse, drug addiction and substance abuse.

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