The influence of thermal insulation materials on human health

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In this regard, are particularly harmful diisocyanates. Isolation of free styrene from polystyrene mass is very small. V past this insulating material is used extensively in the U. One faction of mineral fibers contained in the mineral wool, carcinogenic, and the binder used in the production of mineral wool – phenol-formaldehyde resin or melamine – in a long time allocates free formaldehyde, which is highly toxic, carcinogenic and suspected in On the market there is a large selection of such materials. There were several thousands of different kinds of products, including well construction components and materials for the manufacture of which used asbestos. People show great ingenuity in this field. It can be assumed that the glass in this respect luchshe. Crucial to the size and shape of fibers. Due to the exceptional qualities of asbestos fibers – a very high mechanical strength, resistance to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures – in some cases, asbestos is irreplaceable, and therefore allows the possibility of its further application in industry and even in construction, but in much smaller scale than in the past. This applies to both asbestos fibers and mineral fibers produced by the industrial method. And Canada. 02 mg/m2 surface of the plate for 1 hour. More… Above the main shortcomings of housing was due, primarily, the lack of appropriate market insulation. The reason for this was lack of knowledge of carcinogenic asbesta. As a result, often there have been cases of strong, threatening the health of air pollution by formaldehyde in buildings. 5 for an hour and a height of 2. Used for the manufacture of polystyrene foam does not pose any danger to здоровья. It is characterized by considerable stability to high temperatures and chemicals. Its main component is styrene. Inache is the case with mineral or glass fiber, manufactured by industry. Their allowable concentration in the air at the workplace is 0. 5 m space, you can expect that even use the maximum number of these plates will not lead to excessive air pollution by formaldehyde. Polistirol plastic mass.

Effect of. 4-2. This was due to the numerous protests of institutions and individuals involved in the protection of the environment and health. However, it is safer for health because it contains less fiber, which can cause cancer. Studies show that the carcinogenic mineral fibers are almost independent of their chemical composition. Исследования this material in construction have confirmed the allocation of a significant amount of free formaldehyde. V present production and use of asbestos declined significantly, mainly due to the reduction of its use in construction. As an example, fiberboard, impregnated ksilamitom. 0. Carcinogenic properties have mainly fiber thickness of less than 3 microns and a length greater than 5 microns.

PPLICATION krilamidnogo foam for use in строительстве. Asbestos fibers in the proportion of these dimensions are very large, and therefore it is very dangerous for zdorovya. Therefore we can assume that the probability of cancer due to use in the construction of mineral wool is extremely low. In this regard, the authorities were forced to ban n 05 mg/m3 of air, and the minimum air exchange equal to 0. Unfortunately, its main drawback is the prolonged excretion of free formaldegida.

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