Health Care of the Child – the most important task of the educator

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Of cheerfulness, vivacity of children depends on their spiritual life, philosophy and cognitive development, strength, knowledge, faith in ourselves. As mentioned above, children’s health depends not only on their physical characteristics, but also on the level of health, education, health awareness and hygiene awareness of the population, socio-economic and environmental situation in the country. “VA Suhomlinskiy. And of sick children grow older, prone to colds and other more serious diseases. If twenty-five years ago was born 20-25% of impaired children, but now the number of “physiologically immature” babies have tripled. Let us turn to the “Dictionary of Russian Language” SI Ozhegova: “Correct, the normal activity of the body. What factors affect the health of the child? Care about health – it’s the most important labor educator. Chto exactly is health?

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