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You are not athletes, and you do not need to set records – you need to move at your pleasure. Osobenno in sedentary work every 30 minutes, a small warm-up neck and head. Dlya what to move and what it does? To do this, simply rotate the head in different directions, hands massaging his neck, to improve blood flow. They must do the time, not even then, when you feel pain in the back or somewhere else. No move does not mean running to exhaustion. In today’s world people barely moving: at work, especially mentally, he was a whole day sitting in a chair, gets to work by bus or car, the house lies all the time watching television. For what is the spine – this is the formation of bone, consisting of several vertebrae (for flexibility), and within them are the nerves connecting the periphery (the various organs and body parts) with the brain. At the same time giving a uniform load on all muscle groups. Doctors do not understand the problem, begin to treat the heart, causing him than just damage, but the main reason for not snimaetsya. It brings oxygen and carries away waste products, so that the body is a natural process of metabolism. When the capillaries are active on them better blood flows from the heart and back. ” And that’s just nachalo. The movement causes the muscles to work, and it activates the capillaries in them.

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