Health Care of the Child – the most important task of the educator

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Polnotsennoe physical development and health of the child – is the foundation of forming lichnosti. Let us turn to the “Dictionary of Russian Language” SI Ozhegova: “Correct, the normal activity of the body. Therefore, the child’s health should be assessed in unity with the environment and the adaptation of the body, the child’s knowledge of itself. Care about health – it’s the most important labor educator. Need to search for new approaches to recovery, based on multivariate analysis of external influences, monitoring the health status of each child’s account and using the features of his body, differentiation of preventive measures. And of sick children grow older, prone to colds and other more serious diseases. Among children lagging behind 85-90%, not because of laziness or immaturity, but due to ill health. Chto exactly is health? One in four children under school age is ill during the year more than 4 times. Only 10% of the children come to school absolutely zdorovymi.

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