Health depends on the power

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Iodine is necessary for the development of the central nervous system, brain rebenka. Drinks – no sugar, with saharozameni Pri iodine deficiency in the body primarily affected the thyroid gland. Especially increased need for iron in women during pregnancy and in nursing materey. Vtoroy law – compliance with the chemical composition of rauiona our physiological needs for nutrients. “I have no fat sausages” – ask at the store, and believe that provided dietary product… But there are almost 50% of animal fat in a latent form! Nam not have enough vitamins almost all year round, but especially in spring. Kak also get food from all that is necessary, but it does not collect the extra calories and hence weight? Polenenasyschenye fatty acids. 60-80% of the population has a deficiency of B vitamins and folic acid, and a blow to bear children, the future of health rebenka. Ceased to enrich all the salt with iodine – have created a great problemu. Defitsit vitamin A and E – in 40-60% of the population. The first way – the extra calories to spend, a sharp increase in physical nagruzku. They struggle with reactive oxygen species, which are formed in the body during various biochemical reactions, or under the influence of adverse external factors (radiation, chemical pollution, etc. Salt can be enriched with iodine. Get energy from food is easy and pleasant to spend (sometimes) nice, but very hard. ). According to statistics, 25% of all children in the first two years of life in Moscow have iron deficiency anemia. Just want to say that the power is determined, firstly, the material possibilities of man, and secondly, the choice and availability of products in magazinah. Fibers. Yod. There was no problem until all the salt has been iodized. Pochti in 100% of selenium deficiency and iron in the body kaltsiya. You can be rich and sick, you can be moderately poor and very healthy. And this anti-oxidants! Defitsit associated with less consumption of meat, buckwheat.

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