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Therapists recommend several measures to reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses in the winter. Ne forget about right, a gradual hardening of the child. Do not give your child medicine antitussives without consulting vrachom. The norm in humidity in the house – about 50% at a temperature of about 21 gradusa. At first, the absence of appetite offer baby juices or doctor prescribed antibiotics frukty. Therefore, we should not be with people sneezing and coughing, with those who have a bad cold and high temperatura. How parents take care of the baby’s health and prevent disease in the winter? Na out in the cold heat wear your baby. You can put next to the battery capacity with water. At the first sign of a cold, if the overall health of the baby normally, you can wash his nose with saline. This applies particularly to young children whose immune system is not sufficiently strong. At the same clothes should be light and in several layers.

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