Health and nutrition – how to make the diet effective tool

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Tak, coming back to the topic of “need to think about health. There are bread, pasta and potatoes, not forgetting that there should be 55% of calories from whole foods in den7. “With regard to health, according to the latest data released yesterday, the girls were born this year are all reason to live to 103 years, and boys to 97. 3 times a day to eat fruit and ovoschi8. To set objectives that you can achieve and measure success odezhdy. 6. I here’s a new recipe for what to do to make your diet give maximum results and that you do not stray from the “righteous path”: dieting with muzhem. I once again remind you that the most important. This is a long-term project of the slow, harmonious and permanent development. This is especially true of men and cancer prostaty. Together to engage in physical uprazhneniyami3.

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