What effect does the constant use of alcohol on human health

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Vse inefficiency and even damage or prohibitive measures are complete ignoramuses, or (more often) evil and corrupt toadies alcohol mafia. “Putinka! In the U. Are all know that the Chechen president has put in place a very tough executable order: sell alcohol only 2 hours a day, and that in a time when children are in school? We also consumed far beyond the 18 officially dubbed litrov. And most amazing of all, it was known 100 years ago. · To fight with alcoholism can last forever. They will not even notice the absurdity of his position. ” Then they not only forget to remove the chassis, but will take off at once to God in heaven (or rather, to hell), taking with him a hundred, and another, and us such pious! ” This masterpiece of “concern” about human health and society can only be likened to a hypothetical inscription in front of the plane hatch open, “without a parachute jump can damage your health. Necessary to develop the concept of alcohol in Russia., even more accepted: $ 1 – $ 7 ubytka. Etu inscription without any changes should make the producers and traders to put alcohol on alcohol each bottle or jar. As well as the various “independent experts” and “experts” expressing one way or another the interests of the alcohol mafia. ” Alcoholization of the country has reached emergency levels. Vse proposed measures need to be approved as the first steps toward sobriety of the nation. After all, the same is forbidden – yet? And as a feedstock for the chemical industry even exists eternally. 2 / 3 of the earth do without alcohol. What are the consequences can lead to their implementation? Consequently, neither the Red Army, or other public bodies should not offer “an alternative to alcohol,” as the protoplasmic narkotiches ) Per year for the Red Army cheloveka. Instead, now seems to be mandatory, but sly and deceitful, “Economic Development and Trade has warned that excessive use can……. · 80 countries around the world live in sobriety, in 41 one of them adopted the “dry law”. S. “What effect does the constant use of alcohol on human health? / Genetically healthy children), and so on. But, I repeat, it’s just talk about nachalo. ” Alcohol affects virtually all aspects of life, family, society the most negative way.

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