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Eta lies at the bottom of the pyramid pitaniya. All that is necessary for the formation of the human body and the maintenance of his life he gets consumed by pischi. Ot such food is better in general otkazatsya. Biogenic products to also include embryos, such as raw egg. Vnimanie! U consumers nutrient foods the body does not zashlakovyvaetsya, and therefore health stabiliziruetsya. At the same time the body builds up a lot of waste, the body zashlakovyvaetsya why there bolezni. Were fed from bioinertnyh products – it means wasting money and time to acquire them and undermine their food zdorove. Samye cheap food – nutrients. My offer courses in which these two types of products used sovmestno. V seedlings sprautse, embryos contained the highest concentration of all elements required for the formation, development and functioning of the human body. A very high percentage of assimilated by these elementov. Cooking of food nutrients required significantly less time than bioinertnyh produktov.

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