The negative impact of bad habits to beauty and health of women

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Scaly skin or had dark circles under your eyes? Uvidev, men are unlikely to pass by, but at least smile, look after her. What should I do if the skin is not perfect, but his hair is no longer pleasing pomp and pageantry? Women who smoke appear over time, earthy complexion, darkened teeth, there is bad breath. The main thing to emphasize its advantages! And staggering drunk woman walking down the street, her legs give way, and associates were looking at her with disdain. Be always welcome and loved. Become brittle nails or hair fall out? But the semi-fraught many dangers for the human body! And it does not look at their 35. This adversely affects both the reproductive health of women, and on her appearance! But what happens when you do not like your own reflection in the mirror? We should not forget about the dangers of half-finished. ”, I want to feed their families quickly and flop on the couch. And, above all, in order to draw the attention of handsome men, cause envy and admiration of colleagues and a captivating beauty podrug. It is clear that, having come from work, do not want to stand at the plate and come up with “To make this? But the habit is so strong that they can not get rid of it. Each representative of the fairer sex knows about it! It is impossible to give a smile to others when you feel neuverenno. Alcohol is the greatest danger to the female organism, because they’re weaker and quickly gets used to this harmful habit.

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