The strength and health. Orison Marde

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These people belonged to Napoleon, able to spend in the saddle twenty hours. Willpower gives the body vitality. Top prizes of life accrue to the people, full of strength and vitality. If only we knew how to use the power of will and reason, to protect themselves, many of us would be able to extend health and youth to age a century and more. These people make their living in the great affairs. The mind is able to maintain the physical beauty and youth, to bear the body strength and health, life update and keep it from decay for many years. Napoleon boldly went to hospitals with plague, when even the doctors were afraid to do it. Diseases of the need to resist it on principle. These people belonged to Franklin, who is seventy years went hiking on nature. From kindergarten to school, from college to the office and beyond – tension is becoming stronger. Do not let the thought that you may not be the master of his own life. The winners in life’s race will be the people of our time, able to cope with the pressure on their mind, generated by the competition. Health – a requirement of our time, one of the conditions for success in life. Every doctor knows that courageous people with firm will have two times less likely to catch infectious disease compared to the timid and indecisive people. Is the mind is not a natural guardian of the body? The greatest long-lived men and women – people who have achieved higher mental and moral development. Hidden within us the divine healing for many diseases that we suffer.

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