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Eye movements on a diagonal: squint your eyes to the lower left corner, then move in a straight up opinion. You can stick on the glass a tiny circle of paper. The length of time training for 3-5 minutes. Hands forward, to look at their fingertips, hands up (breath), follow up the movement of hands, without raising his head, his hands drop (exhalation). Eyes – a very fine structure. Intense compression and unclamping eye at a rapid pace. Turn your sights to the distant objects outside the window on the label and vice versa. Unfortunately, about a third of the world’s population has a visual impairment. Look at the world a brighter place! Remove eye fatigue following exercises will help: Look into the distance straight ahead 2-3 seconds. Lose weight without straining – easy! Eye movement vertically up and down. Then direct view into the distance, trying to see the most distant objects. Place a finger over a distance of 25-30 cm from your eyes, look at it for 3-5 seconds. Lifted his eyes to make them a circular motion clockwise, then counterclockwise. Leaning back in his chair, cover lids tightly screwed up his eyes, open eyelids. Health must be earned.. The circular eye movements: clockwise in the opposite direction. If the issue does not appear, you can read it on the site refuse to advertise Tired hunched back and loose stomach? More than 40 million people in Russia and in need of improvement or restoration of vision. With age, the accumulated problems – related to health is very important – and as a consequence, one of the problems of modern medicine is bad eyesight. To spoil the vision you have worked for many years. Eyes open slowly, breathing in rhythm, gently draw the eyes of “eight” in space: horizontally, vertically, diagonally. Reduction of the eye to the nose. Take part in polls, Ipsos Access Panel and get rewarded My Subscriptions My Groups My News Author successful health and success for all!

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