Health and color.

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But Igor O. – authoritative psychologist. - In recent years, talk about the impact of color on human became fashionable. Laws that are open to them, like a computer program, run once, running until the machine is turned on. Buy you imagine, for example, a yellow shirt – and forget about all sorts of ailments. Proshu about one thing: do not try to oversimplify – so began the conversation Lyapunov. Psychologist Igor O. Strange things sometimes come in the head scientist. Dresses, and clothing colors to adjust its business footing, give confidence. Only they are not so straightforward. Explain how your laws work? – Of course there is. - And did not the laws? Lyapunov states that health and human destiny depends on his ability to choose the right colors. Outwardly, everything is simple. Vliyanie a particular color to a specific person depends on many individual factors. Especially do not need anything. - I agree, it is difficult to believe. Occupied as a. To a person is treated as a robot, trying to identify some common to all patterns. Suppose, on the morning people wake up sluggish, frustrated. For example, the claim that some colors are always depressing, while others, on the contrary, they all cheer up. I started watching people who are the stars fall into the hands of twenty years ago. If we are talking about a woman who is about to leave home, she gives herself up – lipstick, apply makeup.

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