What effect does the constant use of alcohol on human health

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Esli economy, and not long ago we have shown that 1 ruble profits from alcohol gives 6 rubles loss throughout the national economy. · Alcohol is not is the staple food. Instead, now seems to be mandatory, but sly and deceitful, “Economic Development and Trade has warned that excessive use can……. ” RESULT: · the effect of any dose of alcohol on the health of individuals, families, society definitely negative. And as a feedstock for the chemical industry even exists eternally. On this basis the need to develop alcohol concepts in a systematic and sustained basis. “How does alcohol affect the health of the nation, economy, etc. As acetone, turpentine, etc. Vse inefficiency and even damage or prohibitive measures are complete ignoramuses, or (more often) evil and corrupt toadies alcohol mafia. And most amazing of all, it was known 100 years ago. On the label has a picture of a skull and crossbones, as a sign yada. Let us then solve the pilots before takeoff to 100 gr. In the U. After all, the same is forbidden – yet?

Whom the poison. “What are the pros and cons of the proposed innovation? This situation requires extraordinary measures.? S. The consequences – the most devastating. We also consumed far beyond the 18 officially dubbed litrov. “The proposed measures of the Red Army when they implement strictly and consistently, will give only a positive result. ” Then they not only forget to remove the chassis, but will take off at once to God in heaven (or rather, to hell), taking with him a hundred, and another, and us such pious! As well as the various “independent experts” and “experts” expressing one way or another the interests of the alcohol mafia. ” Such an effect – just negative. Necessary to develop the concept of alcohol in Russia. Consequently, neither the Red Army, or other public bodies should not offer “an alternative to alcohol,” as the protoplasmic narkotiches Etu inscription without any changes should make the producers and traders to put alcohol on alcohol each bottle or jar. / Genetically healthy children), and so on. And these “tough measures” are very effective. “What effect does the constant use of alcohol on human health? And savvy people it makes no sense to speak about dokazyvat.

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