The health system or health maintenance

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Because there are actually only four causes of death as we live organizmov. Iz health and what it depends? This prevention tozhe. Dlya to talk about the concept of health in general, let’s talk about the specific rules konkretnom. Sovsem little theory: As you know, life on planet Earth – is the existence of protein bodies, which is possible only in an aqueous medium. Net sufficient cleansing – there intoksikatsiya. And this water in our bodies for nearly 70% by weight of the human body. Eto concrete steps, targeted actions. It is a system of specific measures. Nature has created a unique universal system for all living and inanimate. That the common cold or sore throat you can win in a short time. Even if we were robots – the system for us, too, would suit, as it is suitable for machines, and the trees, and to the people and animals, and to the houses, and to plants. Vot violation of the viability of our organizma. Nazovem processes that are responsible for virtually all diseases. Learning system of maintaining health and thus the secrets of health, we can influence the very cause of the problem that is causing illness. You’ve seen that fish need water, food, cleaning and protection. Otchego same fish in the aquarium? Net adequate protection and care – there is only 4 reasons stress. Tak – part of nature, it belongs to us directly. Our body is composed of many cells. And some would not have the disease, the cause of only 4. The concept of health or conservation system that costs zdorovya. And almost all of the processes in our bodies go through vodu.

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